About e-Business

Pilot E-Business Services is a platform for retail online stockbroking service to encourage financial inclusion for the investing public through a user friendly and simple online interface. This application allows customers have direct access to their information and execute transaction remotely.

We are committed to providing you with best in class customer service aimed at enriching your experience.

Features of our E-Business Platform include:
  • Account balances
  • Customer statements
  • Tracking of portfolio gain/loss
  • Real time buy/sell of stocks
  • Customer feedback submission
  • Customer registration
  • Customer Password reset
  • Contract notes
  • Verification Status
  • Trade Mandate with adequate security.
Pilot E-Business Service is structured to meet client’s specific needs and to improve business processes. It is easy from the comfort of your homes or offices as you are just a click away via your portable tablet, smart phone or computer system.